SkinDNA Certification


Become a Certified SkinDNA Professional

Take your practice to a whole new level. As a Skincare Professional, you already understand the importance of analyzing both the internal and external factors affecting a persons skin. Now you can provide your clients with insight into the very foundation of their genetic makeup. Create a customized skincare plan including both topical ingredients and professional treatments tailored to their unique situation. Build a strong and loyal customer base by providing recommendations and results based on DNA science, helping them achieve their optimal skin appearance!

“Since receiving my results I now know exactly what treatments and ingredients to use on my skin! I have a targeted plan based on my unique genetic makeup. I wish I had done this years ago!” ~ Angela

Take the 1 – Day SkinDNA Certification Course

  • DNA 101
  • Why is DNA Important
  • The SkinDNA Test Categories
  • How to Understand the SkinDNA Report
  • Treatment and Prevention Plans
  • Using SkinDNA with Your Clients
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